Jeremy Stewart

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Acme Labs


Experimental retail installations for future Google Spaces.


Everything Is Connected

As part of my stint at ACME labs, we created new ways for customers to interact with Google’s digital products through physical experience. From concept to prototype, we re-imagined how Google Spaces would promote imagination, connectivity, and simplicity for an entirely new retail experience. 


Experiment #1

How do you make data fun, meaningful and physical? "Pixel Path" converges 3D data with thousands of mechanical “flip-dots”, creating a visceral, informational, and playful way to interact with our surroundings. 


If These Walls Could Talk

We recorded people’s physical presence with Kinects and demonstrated the effect with 200,000+ "flip-dots."


Making Data Meaningful

We created simple visualizations like "a user’s walking direction", or "the current day’s spatial occupancy." We also developed more complex interactions that turned the corridor into generative artwork, multiplayer games and social experiments.


Experiment #2

In a not-so-distant-future, our environments will become more informative, transformative, and interactive. With "ACME Search", we tried to see what that might feel like. 


A Wall Of Wonder

By creating a seamless 75’x15’ projection mapped wall, we transformed our environment into a interactive search engine. But, in this futuristic prototype, we made the wall interactive, responsive and multi-user with motion capture, voice commands, and eyetracking. 


Search As Experience

A key component to this prototype was designing how Google’s information graph would compile "curated content" from a user's search, to make navigating with voice and eyes, much easier and more interactive. 

We also explored contextual searching between two or more users to see what it felt like to surface related information with others in the space.