Jeremy Stewart

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Beck At Coachella


An interactive setlist for Beck's 2014 Coachella Tour.


Art + Code

Beck asked Bot & Dolly to design background visuals for the Coachella Festival subsequent mini-tour, we responded with an interactive showpiece that transformed his band's instruments into live and dynamic visuals.


The Setlist

Each instrument was separated into individual audio stems allowing us to map the amplitude, waveform, and mood visually. Each song began visualizing the raw data, adding graphic elements as it progressed. Not having the setlist before showtime, the real experiment began on-set as we mixed and visual presets in order to see what worked creating graphics on-site and at the studio to fill out the ever growing setlist. 


- Amplitude -


- Waveform- 


- Mood -



As an amazingly collaborative effort, the entire Autofuss/Bot & Dolly studio put forth art, sweat and code to knock out this surreal project in just a few weeks.