Airbnb’s superhosts have opened their doors to guests all around the world. We helped them see their impact through a campaign of digital and physical data visualizations.
A Dynamic Celebration
Using data derived from select Airbnb hosts, we sent personalized videos, guestbooks and awards to acknowledge the best of the best — Airbnb’s Superhosts.
– 2019
Data visualization
Print design
A "thank you" goes a long way
To kick off a week of appreciation initiatives, we sent over 60,000 emails to give each host a personalized "thank you" by showing them where their guests have originated from since hosting on the platform.
Making the data feel Airbnb
To give hosts a digestible view of their hosting data, we had to design a digital system that could accurately map and stylize each datapoint to live inside the brand palette of Airbnb. This automated pipeline allowed us to render personalized moments in the video that mapped to their guest's data as well as their Airbnb hosting location.
The real-time guestbook
As a premium gift to the top performing Superhosts, we created a one-of-a-kind guestbook that they could display in their home. Capturing a snapshot of the recipient's listing data, we created an interactive book that told the story of their listings and encouraged guests to add their own data to share during their stay.
Interactive Pages
Personalized Postcards
Data-driven Guestbooks
Host Countries
Interactive Pages
Language Translations
Creative Direction
Print Design
Data Design
Dynamic Video
Data Science
ECD - Jeff Linnell
Creative Director - Jeremy Stewart
Design Technologist - Brandon Kruysman
Design Technologist - Jonathan Proto
Executive Producer - Julia Gottlieb
Technical Director - Quba Michalski
Animation - Oddfellows
Print Design - Lisa Mishima
Produced at Novel
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